Sunday, March 27, 2016


I am not predisposed to anyone.
I do not consider myself perfect or always right.
I will respect ALL of my ancestors.
I do not consider myself a traditional person.
I am a spiritual person.
I am multi-cultural.
I stand with many.
I am always                   alone.
Although I do not like politics, I believe in leadership.
My spirituality is diversified and alive.
My people are all of humanity.
My homeland is this entire planet (and beyond)
My language is spoken from my heart, and born within each of us.
I believe in freedom.
I believe in natural order.
I believe in the unity of spirit inherent in all living things.
I believe "Political Correctness" is an often abused and overused concept.
I believe basic human respect is under estimated and not used often enough.
Sometimes I lie.
However I believe Truth, in all its many aspects, is the source of ultimate power.
I believe one of the strongest levels of truths is Love.
I am a child of God.
I have lived in many forms on this beautiful creation.
I am presently living during a time of great turmoil.
My spirit has and will continue to survive.
I am infinitesimally small.
I am all powerful.
Sometimes I walk.
Sometimes I fly.
I have seen nothing and yet I know everything.
I have been very bad.
I will try to be very good.
Like nature I believe in the Creative process and positive change.
Although I have seen great chaos, I know harmony is obtainable.
i am different

I am just like you.

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