Friday, April 1, 2016

The Many pathways to self-discovery…

After looking at many and walking a few, these are steps I see common to most. I personally use the movements on a Medicine Wheel to show examples of this, but there are many ways to do so. A good story that tells of this kind of journey is the one about Jumping Mouse. This story has been told and adapted many time. Joan Candy-Fire uses a version of this story very well in her work with addictions counseling for instance. In any case these stages are found within the story and I think they are fundamental areas often found in personal development of many kinds, including spiritual.
1. Curiosity…a sense of something larger…a glimmer of something that must be understood…the answer to a question (why).
2. Search for answers, usually starting with the easily accessible (low risk).
3. Finding some answers and feeling some excitement because of the level being reached.
4. Suffering from a feeling of defeat because of the rebuttal or rebuke of others in our circle who “know” more or who would defeat our victories.
5. A period of perceived contentment (sometimes lasting lifetimes)
6. Another glimpse…this time of something even more compelling then the first.
7. The Great Journey…this time sacrifices are made. Risks are taken. A resolve sets in as new discoveries are made. Goals are set. Teachers are found.
8. A pinnacle is reached…a profound truth or an understanding of it is fully developed. The person is changed. Metamorphosed into something new.
This cycle is repeated. Sometimes ego and fear causes detours. If the ego gets too great, then too much time is spent needlessly trying to get others to see the same glimmer. This gives an opportunity for fear if others do not readily see the same pathway. This invalidation leads to distrust and in some cases defeat of self worth. Only after another encounter of spirit does the movement begin again.
If the cycle can be completed and the metamorphoses can be confirmed, another set of parameters will exist. These include possible physical and mental changes but may include other “gifts” to open more doors and show more possibilities.
Each step of the person who is intrigued by the “glimmer” or nagged by the question is of course “meant to be”. Each decision along the way is an opportunity. As I proceed in my own journey I try to examine each one and also try to look at the outcome to see what I can understand from it. And I continue to use the gifts I have been given so far, to “tap in” to the source of much information.

Triad…about the power of the Three

Native teachings sometimes look at the sacredness of the number three….Heart, Mind and Body are one example.

I see these things concerning this particular sacred three. I see ourselves, each as individuals as the mind. Each individual thought processing the world as we each see it. I see the Creation (the sacred thing that has put it all together) as the Heart (or spirit, soul, etc.). It pumps the lifeblood throughout all humanity and indeed throughout all life on the planet. Finally I see our family, friends, and communities, the entire humanity of the world as the collective body. We are together the hands that shape the world around us. We will be the feet that carry us forward.

So what is wrong? Perhaps it is simply because we do not act as a mind that is willing to share knowledge. Perhaps it is because many of the world’s children do not let themselves feel the power of Creation. Perhaps it is because our minds will not focus together our collective body will not respond

All things can be joined. All things intertwine. We must continually strive for unity. And that can only come from understanding.
When we look back behind ourselves
we can see from where we came

If we look forward
We may be able to see where we are going

But if we look upward to the heavens
Or downward to the ground below our feet
Then we will know were we are now

And that is a very good thing to know
Before we take our next steps

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

At the end of the day we should consider this:
No matter what we do in our lives
No matter if we run or stand still
No matter if we love or hate
No matter if we sing or stay silent
No matter if we see beauty or not
No matter if we find our higher power or not

The Sun will still rise and set the same on us all
And the Heavens will look down upon on us equally

Sunday, March 27, 2016


I am not predisposed to anyone.
I do not consider myself perfect or always right.
I will respect ALL of my ancestors.
I do not consider myself a traditional person.
I am a spiritual person.
I am multi-cultural.
I stand with many.
I am always                   alone.
Although I do not like politics, I believe in leadership.
My spirituality is diversified and alive.
My people are all of humanity.
My homeland is this entire planet (and beyond)
My language is spoken from my heart, and born within each of us.
I believe in freedom.
I believe in natural order.
I believe in the unity of spirit inherent in all living things.
I believe "Political Correctness" is an often abused and overused concept.
I believe basic human respect is under estimated and not used often enough.
Sometimes I lie.
However I believe Truth, in all its many aspects, is the source of ultimate power.
I believe one of the strongest levels of truths is Love.
I am a child of God.
I have lived in many forms on this beautiful creation.
I am presently living during a time of great turmoil.
My spirit has and will continue to survive.
I am infinitesimally small.
I am all powerful.
Sometimes I walk.
Sometimes I fly.
I have seen nothing and yet I know everything.
I have been very bad.
I will try to be very good.
Like nature I believe in the Creative process and positive change.
Although I have seen great chaos, I know harmony is obtainable.
i am different

I am just like you.