Friday, April 1, 2016

Triad…about the power of the Three

Native teachings sometimes look at the sacredness of the number three….Heart, Mind and Body are one example.

I see these things concerning this particular sacred three. I see ourselves, each as individuals as the mind. Each individual thought processing the world as we each see it. I see the Creation (the sacred thing that has put it all together) as the Heart (or spirit, soul, etc.). It pumps the lifeblood throughout all humanity and indeed throughout all life on the planet. Finally I see our family, friends, and communities, the entire humanity of the world as the collective body. We are together the hands that shape the world around us. We will be the feet that carry us forward.

So what is wrong? Perhaps it is simply because we do not act as a mind that is willing to share knowledge. Perhaps it is because many of the world’s children do not let themselves feel the power of Creation. Perhaps it is because our minds will not focus together our collective body will not respond

All things can be joined. All things intertwine. We must continually strive for unity. And that can only come from understanding.

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